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Rabu, Mei 25, 2016

The English version of our report is available here:

And the Bahasa version is here:

You can find our press release in English here:

And in Bahasa Indonesia here:

We would be grateful for your help tweeting and posting about the report and sharing it in your networks. I have attached several images and graphics, some in English, and one in Bahasa which you can feel free to post.

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Thanks so much, and we look forward to seeing some of you again this week!


The small hands behind big tobacco: new @hrw report on child labor in Indonesian tobacco.

Tobacco companies making money off the backs and health of Indonesian children. @hrw report:

“I threw up so many times.” Indonesian children risking health for Big Tobacco. @hrw report

Thousands of children exposed to nicotine and toxic pesticides on Indonesian tobacco farms.

Employment "benefits" for Indonesian child tobacco workers: nausea, vomiting, headaches.

"When we're harvesting, I often feel sick." Children risking their health for Big Tobacco.

Children describe hazardous work on Indonesia's tobacco farms. Watch our new @hrw video.

"I can't breathe." Child workers on Indonesia's tobacco farms tell their stories. New video

Do you throw up at work? These kids do. Child workers on Indonesia's tobacco farms tell their stories. Watch:

New @hrw video on child labor in Indonesian tobacco farming.

Margaret Wurth, MPH
Children's Rights Division
Human Rights Watch

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