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Jumat, Mei 27, 2016

Congratulation !

You have been chosen to be trained in Global Health True Leaders 2016

This is about an email I got this morning at about 0:23 AM. I feel happy because the last two weeks, at the International Grant Writing Workshop and Conference held by the same party that is INDOHUN.

I cannot present my research due to the Forum Indonesia Muda which is being held at the same time. To be a part of the Global Health True Leaders 2016 is a great opportunity itself.
This year GHTL held in three locations, Batch 6 (Padang, west Sumatra), Batch 7 (NTT) and Batch 8 (Bali). I will joining the Global Health True Leaders Batch 8 in Bali on August 24-30, 2016. The program runs directly after Kuliah Kerja Nyata program at Udayana University.
Hopefully there will be no change in the schedule which is still tentative so I do not have to bother rearranging the schedule. During this week there is also a Youth Adventure and Youth Leaders Forum by Gerakan Mari Berbagi 2016 in PPON Cibubur. So after joining GHTL, I will be leaving for Jakarta because I don’t want to miss the forum also meet my family in GMB. Besides that, I also have an appointment to go to Bandung.

All is well wid…
What is Global Health True Leaders ?

A series of Global Health True Leaders (GHTL) training has been successfully conducted in 2014 and 2015 in four countries: Indonesia (January 17-26, 2014 and August 19-25, 2015), Thailand (April 18-22, 2014), Vietnam (April 25-29, 2014), and China (May 5-9, 2014). Involving 255 students and young professionals from 10 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Lao PDR, Cambodia, China, Nepal, and Myanmar. The participants were across professions including graduate and postgraduate students, medical doctors, veterinarians, NGO's staff, lecturers, researchers, associate professor, managers, government officer, young public health practitioners, etc represent disciplines of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Nutrition, Social, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Dentistry, and Engineering. The events were sponsored by USAID-OHW, USAID-RESPOND, IDRC Canada, Indonesia National Armed Force, and Regional Police Command of West Kalimantan.

The major components of Global Health True Leaders training are classroom training, team building, role play, field work, site visit, and leadership outbound. During Global Health True Leaders, participants were conditioned and challenged with Global Health issue and problem that required them to communicate using English.

The participants were equipped with important values, including leadership, global perspective, working across multi-sectoral and across professions, and culture. Global Health True Leaders has provided new true leaders with global perspective, strong leadership values to collaborate across sector and profession, and culture value within both community and health regulatory hierarchy.

The successful execution of the 'Global Health True Leaders Series' and the enthusiasms of all parties involved had inspired us to continue and bring this program to a whole new level. The vision is to share the benefits of this 'Global Health True Leaders' program to as many potentials health workforces as possible and to expand the networks at the national, regional, and international level. This year, INDOHUN will be held the three-series of Global Health True Leaders training.

Objectives of Global Health True Leaders 
To share the benefits of Global Health True Leaders program with as many potential health workforce professionals at national, regional and international level.
To expand the perspective and to develop the leadership skills of the next generation of health professionals in order to compete in national and international area.
To expand the Global Health True Leaders network across professions as well as strengthen the relationship and collaboration between young professionals from various disciplines.

What will I get from the training?

Global Health True Leader proposes to fulfil the need of future health leaders who are conversant with the problems, have global networks and comprehensive understanding to find solutions using a collaborative approach. This 6-days program aims to equip health sciences young professionals who have the greatest potential to be future health leaders with hands on experiences, chance to engage with local leaders and community in the area where global health problems exist. The multidisciplinary cooperation will be started at this early stage since we will invite young professionals from various health disciplines including medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, social medicine, and environmental science from around Indonesia and South Asia. This program will consist of intensive training in leadership, communication, global health as well as site visit in the designed location.
The 6-days program consist of 3 main components: (1) In class training, (2) Field Work, and (3) Leadership Initiative Site visit. The training is designed to be 4 full days in class training and cover the modules on leadership, interpersonal skills, global health, and writing skills. One day of field work activities aims to assist the participants in applying the skills and knowledge from the classroom training into the real-life settings and to help release the burden of the community where the One Health problems may exist.
In addition, the participants will explore the global health challenges in real-life situations through the one day site visit program as well as create a leadership initiative to deal with it based on their observation during the visit. The site visit will be organized in the areas that are still reachable from the training venue yet contain certain characteristics that could show the One Health phenomenon.

Who will be the participants?
The participants for this training are 150 health students, postgraduate health students, and young professionals with at least one year of working experience (age under 30). The prospective participants may come from medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, pharmacy, nursing, and biomedical science backgrounds in several universities in Indonesia.
Meanwhile, the young professional participants' occupation may varied from medical doctor, dentist, veterinarian, scientific journal editor, postgraduate student, researcher, government officer, private employee, volunteer, midwife, lecturer, manager, NGO officer, etc. 
This provides me with the opportunity to be trained together not only by medical students from several universities in Indonesia, but also students from Southeast Asia Countries managed by SEAOHUN.

When the program is finished I will write about everything that I learn and achieve in Global Health True Leaders 2016.
Looking forward to seeing all the participants here in Bali in August.
I got this program information initially from Dewa, then I applied directly, Thanks Dedeww, * Tight hug from afar.

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