FATULEU: The Story of Global Health True Leaders (GHTL) 2016

Rabu, November 15, 2017

We did our livestock supplementations and health promotion for the local community
 Hai blog, How's life !

Been a long time since I promise you to share about my GHTL experiences. Due to lack of "right" time to write it down and hectic life in the past few months, finally I have my own space of Rehat time focusing on writeeeeee XD 

In the very thick schedule of KKN Universitas Udayana in July-August 2016, I passed and granted platinum scholarship which is fully funded to join INDOHUN Health Leadership Training Program called Global Health True Leaders (GHTL) which is has a fun and attractive way to train health students/professional in order to boardern their networking and make one health vision to bring a betterment in health care sectors. 

Actually I was chosen to be a delegate for Batch 8 which is in Bali at the end of August at the first place but I couldn't make it due to Ujian KKN will be held at those periods of time. So I ask to joined in the batch 7 which conducted in The Kupang at the middle of my KKN life.

A bit galau at first, but really want to go and replaced softly accepted !
This event held from August 11-17, 2016 in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Exactly, this is my very first time touchdown in Kupang, feeling so blessed but a bit worried about leaving my KKN friends for about a week which I should help to run our community services project. But they all fully supported me and I decided to join the program and come back directly when it has finished.
In this training program, I make new friends who have totally different culture and study/work field background but still has related to one health sector. As you know, GHTL Batch 7 held in Kupang which they have their own local language, it was very diverse and proud to see how rich our country is. The participants of this Batch comes from different part of Indonesia (Jakarta to Papua) so it seems having a new family with each locality uniqueness.

It took two flights from Ngurah Rai Airport to reached Eltari Kupang, first I have to took a flight to Maumere then directly change to smaller type of airplane leaving for Eltari Kupang. Because of my first flight to Kupang, I was very excited yet incredibly happy to see how beautiful the beach was. It is green-blue ocean and great hills views from above which sparkling my eyes. 

Incredible view from above, East Nusa Tenggara is truly amazing XD
(You should visit Kupang at least once in a lifetime, trust me it is healing)
Touchdown Kupang for the first time

Eltari Kupang view from the other side of the Hotel

Eltari sunset from my window

The place I trained was only 30 minutes from Eltari Kupang Airport. I stayed in Eltari Hotel and met my down-to-earth sister from Jakarta as my roommate named Olive who graduated from Universitas Indonesia and now dedicated herself as one of the Pencerah Nusantara delegate placed in Sulawesi. Such an inspiring sister ever ! 
Kak Olive (my roomate), Widia, Kak Doi (another representative from Bali who is my young lecturer)
My beloved "Respect" team always cheerful

Most of the program was at the Hotel to joined some seminar, workshop, discussions and team building related to One Health issues and problems as well as how we might take part to solved together through collaboration among us. There were around 33 delegates which devided into 6 groups. One group consist of 5-6 people and I involved in the Respect group :)
(Unforgetable team because of our silliness)
Respect team took photo with the great coordinator of INDOHUN Prof. Wiku Adisasmito

We always had homework to do until midnight and we always did it near the Hotel's pool

After short games where Harrold, Me and Ryan be our team representatived for the basah-basahan games XD
We always had homework to do after lecture until in the middle of the night and working in a group as well. Staying up late at night while enjoying the Sunset of Eltari Hotel Kupang was so memorable. 
Especially if you were the participants of GHTL I am truly sure the most unforgetable moment was "LUNCH TIME and SINGING IN OUR VERY EARLY MORNING EXERCISES" HAHAHAHA It was incredible to have those kind of "ANGKATAN STYLE" Lunch and exercises. 

But it was amazing yet truly helpful to trained to be more discipline and respect the food as well as our solidarity among others. 

In the middle of training week, we have the opportunity to do community services and visit one of the rural area in Kampung Oelamasi where people here have some pigs and cows to live together in one area. As we were working in the group, we also spread into some different areas to give livestock supplementation to cows and pigs as well as give some useful information related to prevent any disease that might affected and how to deal with it. We had had a two ways conversation with the local people who share their experiences living with cows and pigs for years and got new insight about different culture and believes from local tradition to treat their pets in that Kampung. Along the way I saw cows everywhere :) :) :) :) 
We drive by police as our new partners in crime went to the rural area for community services activities

Unforgetable experiences got new insight and learn each other through this program as well
It was very difficult for us at the first time to give injections to them because you know the kind of pigs and cows in Kupang was very different, they are more aggressive and wild. So our friend from Kupang who was in the group, luckily they are Vet students and familiar with that skills so we taught by them how to do it calmly and perfectly. Thanks brohhh !

It might be once in a lifetime experiences for most of us, because some of our friends didn't interact with Pigs for a specific reasons and especially for me who didn't got those skills at my classes. I have learned so many new knowledge and skills especially dealing with new challenges.

Then after sweating a lot at that day close by having lunch and continued by planting trees along Gereja road where the other group give a free-medical services (check-up and treatment) to the local people nearby. 

After that we visited one of the great place where we could sing some Kupang's songs and Indonesia's Nationality songs accompanied by Sasando, a traditional instrument originally from Kupang. After a short visit, we directly went to one famous village with it mountain. It is Oelbiteno village who has great Mount Fatuleu. 
We taught by him how to make Sasando

Can you guess who was the man behind "artist" playing Sasando ?

Sasando; traditional music instrument originally from Kupang
Sadly, it was late at first because we have to wait for Sepuh who just arrived late in the morning even though we already there earlier such a deal. That is because we have to prayed and ask for permission through Sepuh before we went to climb the mountain where the local people found it is very sacred and believed as the drug mountain on the East Nusa Tenggara. Mount Fatuleu is a towering rock that is quite well-known in Kabupaten Kupang and in district of central Fatuleu. An excellent place for enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Kupang from height of this rock. Wouldn't it be amazing to have those unpredictable track of mountain was uphill sharp and we went there with all people including some of our lecturers. FYI, the participants was very diverse in age HAHA.
Mount Fatuleu, Kupang

The view fromthe rock of  Fatuleu yeeayy :)

We had to took a rest due to "Ngosngosan" feeling detected HAHA

See how "Terjal" Fatuleu is O....O

So we couldn't reached up the top of the mountain because lack of time and we have to come back to the Hotel which spend 3 hours totally, along the way I could see how beautiful Kupang is, but as you all know it is lack of facilities and dry.
Beautiful scenery along the way to Fatuleu

Outbond with all delegates and trained by Bapak-Bapak TNI

We prepared for Cultural Night coordinated by our beloved sister Kak Dewi

The day after we go somewhere in Kupang I didn't exactly remember the name of the place but it has beautiful waterfall with flyingfox, climbing opportunity, and playing with length of the rope and mud as well hemmm

Well we did our outbound training over there whole day. We had an amazing outbound ever here, facilitated by Bapak-bapak TNI who give us chance to feel how TNI outbound looks like. So funnnnnnn hihihiihihihi
Cultural Night with "Respect" team

AND finally the training come to its end where we have cultural night. We dressed our traditional clothes and perform some traditional show. It's time to be back !

So that is the end of our amazing and incredibly 8 days in Kupang. Thank you for great experiences, friends, knowledge, Indohun, and other supports as well. 

Until now I am still remember how regret was I couldn't reach Fatuelu's top hill. Will be back later.....
The day before come back, some of the participants decided to go for sightseeing and touchdown to Pasir Panjang beach to feel it warm sunset near our hotel and saw Gong Perdamaian at the central park nearby.
Pasir Panjang Pantai with warm Sunset :)

I can't thank you enough to fill my student life with this kind of fruitfull training to be more professional in health care career in the future. I am truly believe this was beneficial not only for my personal life but also for other. Looking forwards for a good collaboration among other GHTL alumni years ahead. 
Harrold and Maryo (our Kupang Family) gave us Kain Tenun :) Lovely !

This bracelet orginally from Kupang as symbol to greet a new Family 

The most important thing is I have Family now in Kupang :) 

SOOO HaPpYyyy did our "Nose Kiss" when we meet up for the first time :)
One of the tradition from Sabu Raijua called Henge'do to greet new friends and to show our affections as well as revive the sense of family among each other.
Cool right knowing such a warm yet unique tradition which make us get close to each other very fast because of our uniqueness :)
This is also memorable, one message I got from the local people during our community services:

Ale lian munif lifeto ma limone abit bah timor mimanau hambaan amnasi hempanat kesehatan neo ton amnemat || For the teenagers in Kupang, keep your health for the sake of a better future :)

We Are GHTL Batch 7
Less Me More We !!!!@#$%^&*()

GHTL 2016, We Are True Leaders !

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