Date Someone You Don’t Have To Impress

Jumat, Juni 24, 2016

By Rania Naim

Date someone you can be goofy with. Someone who can embrace your silliness, someone who joins you in your absurdity and someone who doesn’t ask you to act in a certain way or speak in a certain manner so you can attract them.

Date someone who is impressed by originality, by authenticity and by how real you are.

Date someone you can be too honest with. Someone you can trust with all your secrets and feel comfortable telling them about all the crazy stories that you held inside. Someone who listens and tries to understand, someone who tries to understand without judging and someone who doesn’t expect you to have a spotless life or a spotless past. Date someone who doesn’t make you afraid of sharing your personal secrets or saying you don’t know something. Date someone who is not afraid of teaching you and who is willing to learn from you too.

Date someone who doesn’t care about status. Someone who doesn’t care about titles or labels or big names, someone who is humble enough to realize that these things don’t matter and they shouldn’t. Date someone who is over impressing people with who they date, someone who knows better, someone who gets it and someone who doesn’t think of people as trophies and date someone who knows that having you by their side is enough.
Date someone you don’t have to impress because they’re already impressed by you and who you are, by being with you and by loving you.

Date someone who reminds you that you can be yourself and still be loved, that even on your worst or weakest days you still mean the world to them.

Date someone who still thinks you’re hot when you’re tired and pale and barely speaking, date someone who finds your quirks endearing.

And finally date someone who doesn’t make you feel like dating them is a race you need to win, that you have to compete for their attention, that you have to work on your resume so they can accept you, that you have to learn more skills so they can approve of you and date someone who thinks you’re overqualified to even participate in these ridiculous games.Date someone who doesn’t even want to play because the game ended the moment they met you.

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