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Jumat, November 02, 2018

Since graduated and started to jump in the working life, I started to be more organize and called as a plan’s woman by my co-workers. I always love to organize and planning everything (so much). I love myself even more when I got lots of benefits just only from improving my morning routine. 

I will walk you to my morning routine inspired by the incredible insight that I have learned from Jim Kwik

  1. Thank the God. I never check my social media when I just woke up in the morning at 5 am. Based on some research it is really bad for our brain (it works, I love it)  
  2. Remember dreams. Look at my vision board hanging on the wall and doing positive self-talk. 
  3. Make my bed. I do this since I was a kid.
  4. Drink lots of water. Dehydrate while sleep for 7-8 hours having a glass of water will good to start your day. 
  5. Brush my teeth with my opposite hand and wash my face. I do this because I want to efficiently use both of my hands and said it good for neuro systems. 
  6. Deep breathing exercise and a short meditation. I do this since I was a kid and good for my body. 
  7. Make brain tea (Green tea/Moringa tea, Jepun tea). Never put any sugar on it since.
  8. Workout (Jogging & Yoga). I do yoga since I was in elementary school until current.
  9. Make my own Healthy Breakfast contain vegetables and juice without any sugar. I love this so much because of controlling everything that I consume is a new level of mindfulness 
  10. Journaling (Gratitude + Life Learners). I have my small note for daily activities-mark it at the end of the day to reflect and a quite big one for writing what I grateful with as well as my goals. 
  11. Reading my lovely non-fiction collections (30'-1 hr). Addicted to non-fiction since years ago.

Everyone saying this routine will interfere with there “morning commute” and need “4 hours” really need to stop with the excuses. If you want it that bad, you’ll wake up earlier and get it done. Maybe you can't fit the entire routine in, but you start somewhere. To make a change you have to get out of your comfort zone and drop the bad habits so you can welcome the good habits.

Not to mention to go to bed early and get your 7-8 hours of sleep., 
It's good for your Mental health

Trying to be a better human one day at a time!

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